Chiropractic Testimonials

"Over the last six months, I have been working with Dr. Hargreaves to increase the quality of my life. He has provided me with excellent chiropractic adjustments as well as patient focused physical fitness exercises. I have benefited greatly from his services and I feel I am healthier than I have been in five years. The way he interacts with patients is first rate. I have never had a medical treatment provider remember so much about me, and care about my life, as much as Dr. Hargreaves. I would recommend him to anyone. He makes you work hard for what you want out of life, but it is worth every bead of sweat. Thanks again Doc!"

- Zachary Scott

"To whomever may be looking for great chiropractic care,

Dr. Richard Hargreaves in Bellingham, WA is my go-to guy for keeping my health and strength as I want it.

In December my left arm didn't want to be lifted above the shoulder.

Richard read the x-rays and devised a plan.

Within 3 months through chiropractic adjustments and conditioning excercises my full mobility was restored.

I am very glad I made the decision to seek his help. He has explained to me very simply and clearly what I can do to maintain and build the core that allows me to be active and agile.

He is a wonderful person to have on my team!"

- John Conner

"Dr. Hargreaves was a huge help when I injured myself in April! He was incredibly genuine and did everything he could think of to help me gain back some flexibility. Unfortunately, the problem lied deeper than I thought and I ended up needing a more invasive solution than chiropractic work. But even then, Dr. Hargreaves knew when to step back and say I needed something more than what he could do. It just goes to show that he's genuinely concerned about his patients, and isn't just in it for the money. Great experience!"

- Jessica Breitenfellner

"I have been a patient with Dr. Hargreaves for treatment of neck and back pain for many years, and when he recently added cold laser therapy treatments to his practice, I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did, as I started experiencing amazing results immediately! The addition of cold laser therapy to my chiropractic treatments has approved the effectiveness of treatments I've been receiving and has caused my body to hold positive results for longer periods. Also, it has enabled Dr. Hargreaves to successfully treat me for additional complaints such as tennis elbow, numbness due to nerve damage & scar tissue, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)."

- David Parlato

"Dr. Richard is incredibly skilled in the art of chiropractic as well as having a very caring heart. You will always receive the bat possible chiropractic care from Dr. Richard!"

- Ruth Ann Hanlin

"In October of last year (2015) I began seeing Dr. Hargreaves at Life Chiropractic. I came in sore with multiple old injuries that caused chronic pain, overweight and kinda depressed about life. The very first treatment I received from Dr. Hargreaves completely lifted my spirits, my body and my mood to a level I haven't experienced in over 20 + years. After my first progress exam I had dropped 10 pounds!! I did not diet or exercise, instead I received the proper adjustments needed from him and the Pro Adjuster to release my body from the impingement's I'd been living with daily and I began to move without pain or limitation's. I feel better then I can remember and never want to go back. Dr. Hargreaves teaches you about your body and all the connections it has. He get's out text books, literature and facts that you can see with your own eyes and helps you to understand the real problem. He treats you as a "whole" instead of just an "area". Everything Is Connected! I've been to other chiropractor's who never touch on the "whole". I continue to loose weight because of how I feel and the way my body can move now. I look forward to the new knowledge he has instilled in me and feel confident that I will be enjoying my future retirement in a way I never imagined, Strong, Healthy and Happy."

- Claudette Johnson

"I've lived most all of my life with chronic low back pain from multiple injuries. I've been to many chiropractors who all treated the injured area but never gained much relief. I took my wife in to see Dr. Hargreaves for an injury she had recently suffered and as she was being treated I witnessed an astonishing transformation in her. While I listened and watched, I learned more about what was causing my own problems that I decided to start seeing him myself. He has me on a strength training program that focuses on my core and spine to get my lower back's health to where it needs to be and continues to educate me every visit. My strength training program is evolving so smoothly and consistently that I now believe I can continue to improve to a point where Ill be able to go into my retirement without fear of chronic back pain. Thanks to his books and evidence, he has given me the knowledge on how to protect my body and my health for years to come."

- Captain Jim

"On June 1st, 2015 my world was turned upside down when I experienced an injury to my shoulder on the job. I had to go through the whole process of workers comp, a modified schedule, physical therapy, and massage therapy, but as time went on nothing changed. My pain was excruciating. I was partially disabled and needed help with everything from getting dressed,washing my hair in the shower, down to the smallest and seemingly most insignificant tasks. Months went by, physical and massage therapy only helped superficially but I was living with chronic pain and a lack of mobility in my shoulder. No one could seem to properly diagnosed me and give a successful treatment plan. At 22 years old, it seemed like my life had come to a halt. I was depressed, angry, stagnant, jobless. Doctors were giving up on me, and I quickly began giving up on myself. Until my fateful encounter with Dr. Richard Hargreaves. He was my last and only hope. At my first visit with him, he was insightful, intelligent, and genuinely eager to help me. He was thorough and in a matter of minutes with just a few adjustments (which were no where near my injury), I burst into tears when my pain went from a 10 to 0. I had gone through 7 months of chronic debilitating pain, and in just 7 minutes with Hargreaves it was like it never existed. Now I am more enlightened, patient, and understanding of my body and how it works as a whole more than ever before. He has given me the tools and the knowledge that I need to become stronger and healthier. On top of that, he gave me my hope and happiness back. Because of him, I can undoubtedly look, feel, and function like the young woman I am meant to be."

- Maggie May

"My experience at Life Chiropractic has been outstanding! Dr. Hargreaves is a true inspiration to me. His enthusiasm for his work and the positive impact he is trying to have on my health has been contagious. He has taken the time to educate me on how my body works. Through education, adjustments, and exercises he has had me do, I know he is more concerned about my health and well being than anything else. He has relieved me of my pain, but more importantly he has taught me how to strengthen my body, so I can avoid injury altogether. I have tremendous respect for Dr. Hargreaves and would recommend Life Chiropractic to anyone in need of chiropractic care."

- Robert Sloan

"I am incredibly grateful to the Lord for having begun treatment with Dr. Hargreaves. Dr. Hargreaves listens thoroughly and is extremely knowledgeable and capable. He is honest, compassionate, and very encouraging and I actually look forward to my treatments. He is not like any other chiropractor I have seen, his methods have changed my life. I am almost 60 years old and have suffered from back, leg, neck and TMJ pain for decades. I have seen multiple chiropractors and physical therapists during that time with minimal to moderate success. That has all changed now that I have begun treatment with Dr. Hargreaves. One of the multiple methods he uses is a Pro Adjuster. With it he releases the fascia surrounding my greatly restricted muscles. As a direct result, I am standing much more erect (I've gained an inch in height) and have a much greater range of motion in my neck and back. My back used to feel like a rock and now it is softer and gaining more movement with each treatment. He also does strength training which is something I desired to do to strengthen my core and my bones, but was unable to do until now. He is very careful to educate and pace you so that you don't injure yourself. After less than two months of treatment, I'm telling my friends I feel like I'm going on 40 instead of 60. If you're discouraged and think there's no hope for you, I would encourage you to see Dr. Hargreaves for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

- Diane Houtsma

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hargreaves for at least 3 years, I go in a couple times a month for visits. My original problem was a change in office jobs, which created major problems in my neck, shoulders and back. Dr. Hargreaves immediately relieved these problems, and has kept me functioning, flexible, and pain free ever since. And, you have to know that I am 76 years old, and lead an exercise class in my mobile home park, which Dr. Hargreaves has continued to encourage and support.
Two weeks ago I went in for my regular visit, and was complaining that the stenosis in my back was causing pain. Richard used the Pro-Adjuster, adjusted the vertebrae above and below the very sore spot, and I walked out of the office with the pain gone. Seems impossible doesn't it, but it was gone!
Today I went for my regular visit, Dr. Hargreaves asked me "how my body was functioning" and I told him that a problem I was having was that my left hand was "going to sleep". Dr. Hargreaves asked me to do a series of movements, and I showed him that I could not lift my arms straight above my shoulders. He took the time to explain why this was happening based on my body structure, did some adjustments with the Pro-Adjuster, and I again walked out of the office feeling incredibly structurally sound and able to move my arms more easily!!
Dr. Hargreaves is always willing to answer questions, and is more knowledgeable about the body's structure and abilities than anyone I have ever talked to (including many M.D.s). I plan to continue my visits on a very regular basis."

- Barbara Taylor

"I have been working with Dr. Hargreaves for several years, and he has helped me tremendously. He has helped me to make long term improvements to the condition of my back, and to greatly reduce the severity and frequency of my symptoms. After a visit to Dr. Hargreaves, I always leave with a spring in my step, and feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I will continue to recommend Dr. Hargreaves to all my friends and family."

- David Parlato

"I can walk again!" Over three years ago I twisted my left knee, and by the time the Orthopedic Doctor repaired the meniscus with surgery, both my knees were hurting to where I couldn't walk very well, and had to wear knee supports. The surgery didn't correct the pain I now had in both knees, and the lower back pain that developed later. When we moved to Anacortes two months ago, I knew I still needed to see a chiropractor who used the Sigma Pro Adjuster, and was fortunate to find Dr. Richard Hargreaves. I had x-rays done of my complete spine so he could evaluate where my problems were. The major difference with Dr. Hargreaves is he taught me some exercises to strengthen my body that would keep me aligned. They are easy to do, not strenuous or painful, and they have made a huge difference in my wellbeing. After doing the adjustment and exercises for about a week and a half, I realized "I can walk normally, no limping" or lower back pain. It had been over three years since I had done that. Then I realized three weeks later that I no longer had to use the electric carts at the stores. I even walked 1/4 mile and kept pace with my husband one day, no pain. Thank you Dr. Hargreaves, now my husband and I can go to Alaska together on the boat, and do all the wonderful things we had planned to do."

- Beth Ford

"Eureka, You found it! Dr. Hargreaves is an excellent practitioner. He begins by conducting an in-depth assessment. This leads to an individualized treatment plan. Using various treatment modalities, he optimizes results. Compared to other chiropractors I tried, Dr. Hargreaves is far and away the best. His decades of experience, sincerity and dedication put him in a league of his own. You have found a genuine healer! Personally, I have been a registered nurse for 36 years and have a Master of Nursing Degree from the University of Washington. Currently, I'm employed as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I have been close to the healing arts for many decades and am convinced that Dr. Hargreaves is an exceptional healer."

- Claude Weedon

"I have been going to chiropractors my whole life for back problems. Dr. Hargreaves is the best I have ever been to. His passion and earnest wish to help people feel better is amazing. As a chef, if I have issues with my spine it makes my job almost impossible. Since going to him I have more mobility and for the first time in months I don't have pain. I love the way he actually shows you what is wrong and why an injury is affecting me the way it is. He educates and treats with care and passion and if you have any issues I would recommend no one more then him."

- Chris Stucki

"When I first met Dr. Hargreaves I was hopeful that he would be able to help me with chronic neck pain and headaches that had finally advanced to neck immobility. I was not expecting that after a few months in his care I would have so dramatically improved not only my spinal health but my athleticism, energy level, chronic athletic injuries and my overall outlook on life. 
As a runner I had accepted chronic ankle sprains, arch pain, aches and pains as part of the aging process. I was disappointed by my diminished state but the more I would try to push through it, the more injured I would become. Dr. Hargreaves was able to show me through a few sessions how my poor spinal health was contributing to my diminished state. Each session led to pain relief, an increase in energy and a more positive outlook. 
He approaches patient care with a balance of diagnostic, adjustment, training and education. He listens attentively to your goals and works diligently to help you achieve them. In addition to relieving stiffness, pain and immobility, he was also able to provide me with the tools to remain healthy. After several months with Dr. Hargreaves I am stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic. I am setting physical goals that are higher than I would have thought possible even 6 months ago. I have Dr. Hargreaves to thank for this!"

- Andrea

"By coming in for adjustments twice a month I have no more chronic neck or back pain and the motion sickness that I have struggled with my entire life is no longer present."

- Tammy L.

"I've been an active person most of my life. I play soccer, ski, and lift weights. But for years I experienced neck pain during the day and back pain while running, to the point of making it difficult to concentrate at work.
I had tried chiropractors and physical therapists before, but they didn't help. I happened upon the site for Life Chiropractic while searching for chiropractors in Bellingham, and I feel incredibly lucky that I decided to see Dr. Hargreaves.
I feel better now than I have for years. I can run faster, lift more weight, and I'm much more flexible. I owe this to the chiropractic and physical therapy treatment I received from Dr. Hargreaves. I had thought I was in decent shape before, but I never realized how much I was being held back by my own body.
Dr. Hargreaves is extremely knowledgeable about chiropractic care, physical therapy, and training to improve quality of life and athletic ability. He treats each patient differently to maximize their improvement. Not only that, but I do not believe I have ever met a person with more passion for what they do than Dr. Hargreaves. I fully recommend Dr. Hargreaves."

- Tim M.

"After not seeing my friends back home in months, a few of them commented on my increased height. Working with Dr. Hargreaves has worked out the tenseness in my back allowing me to reach my full potential."

- Brittany

"Since first working with Dr. Hargreaves 12 sessions ago, I have already noticed a big difference in strength. I came in with little to no strength in my back which in turn created a strain on my spine. Dr. Hargreaves' knowledge and decades of experience makes for influential/ motivational visits every time. The strength conditioning exercises have made all the difference, and is what sets Dr. Hargreaves apart from many other Chiropractors."

- Brittany

"An invigorating approach to life that I could embrace and practice on a daily basis, that is the gift that Dr. Hargreaves gave to me.
As a retired international consultant, nurse educator and author dedicated to people with disabilities, specifically spinal cord trauma, even I wasn't prepared for the intense care giving required when my son became seriously ill with gastric, pancreatic and spinal pain. For six years his life stopped and mine did too. After multiple surgeries and treatments, we turned to chiropractic and exercise to get him going again. When it really worked, I thought I could use that stuff too! I had become inactive, sluggish and 20-30 lbs overweight with our ordeal at home.
First of all my left shoulder and neck had become immobile from an old ski injury. For 32 years I could not guide a child with that arm, much less hold one or carry groceries; that has completely subsided now. I can pick up everything, drive with ease while turning my head and somehow my whole body is on the go. My back is strengthened and my circulation is improved. My left hip was aching and numb ( nothing wrong with the hip Dr. Hargreaves said, it was the back). Cortisone hip injections had not helped but now it is great. My varicose veins on that left leg are greatly reduced and this odd dry foot and skin condition is not there anymore. Also my left foot cracked every time I walked even though the Xrays were normal. Now all is quiet!
I am all about "body blades" and other very specific equipment for home use to improve muscle power, function and posture. Dr. Hargreaves targeted movements for me that require the least amount of time per day possible. That translates into me actually doing them. Added to this I eat 4 cups of vegetables a day, cut out the sweets, and watch the portions of everything else that I love! 10 lbs are gone, my blood pressure returned to normal, and down went the cholesterol and triglycerides, about 100 points each over a 3 month period.

I found the chiropractic sessions with follow up home activity relieved stress in a way that "talk therapy" alone could not achieve. My chest just lightened. Never before have I had a "coach" and it was just fun! I am a believer that a 65 year old woman moving freely is the best anti-aging tonic ever. Most certainly I would highly recommend Dr. Hargreaves for his knowledge, skill and passion for teaching and promoting health for whatever related troubles you are seeking treatment for."

- Cynthia

"Quality: Excellent
I am 58 years old and have had upper and lower back problems for many years. Over the past 12 years, I've tried several different therapies and have not had the success I am having with Dr. Hargreaves. In the 8 weeks I've been going to Dr Hargreaves, I've felt better than I've felt for a very long time. His knowledge, not only in chiropractic therapies, but physical training, body movement and overall knowledge of the body is the finest I've come across. The ProAdjuster is working quite well with my neck and lower back problems. I can move my left neck and arm, which I was not able to do when I first started with Dr Hargreaves. My overall movement is 70% better and I have very little pain. I would tell anyone whom is having difficulty with the spine to please go to Dr Hargreaves as he is truly a fine Doctor and human being."

- Ellane Dean

"Going to Life Chiropractic has been such a wonderful experience! Dr. Hargreaves has been exceptionally caring and compassionate. I have been having neck and back pain for a while and feel that going to Life Chiropractic was the best decision. At each appointment he takes the time to educate about back and spinal health and answer any questions. Dr. Hargreaves is not just alleviating my back pain but also giving me advice on how to prevent spinal/back problems in the future which has been invaluable. I can not recommend Dr. Hargreaves enough!"

- Nikki

"After my auto accident I was in constant pain throughout my entire back and neck. I decided to go to Dr. Hargreaves for treatment and boy was it one of the best decisions I've ever made! Dr. Hargreaves is extremely knowledegable when it comes to how the human body works and has top of the line equipment like the Pro Adjuster and posture pump that have me feeling better than I did before the accident. I live a very active lifestyle and with the help of Dr. Hargreaves I can honestly say I am stronger, more balanced, and just all-around healthier than I have ever been in my life. I wish I would have had the opportunity for Dr. Hargreaves to train me in high school! Highly recommended!"

- Lane

"Dr. Hargreaves gave me hope for a future without back pain. Then he delivered."

- Darcy

"Hi my name is Brandon I' m 25 years old and I had pains in my lower back, hip and neck. I've been to several different Chiropractors and they did ok but nothing that lasted very long. At Life Chiropractic Dr. Richard tackles the root of the problem instead of just fixing just the symptom. With his triple degrees in Chiropractic and Strength Training and his cutting edge state of the art proadjuster technology I have never felt so good in my life. He is a really uplifting person and I learned so much about my body. I also like to workout and he helped me learn to do it right so I don't hurt my joints, disk, and muscles. I don't even need a Gym now no joke and I feel I gained an additional thirty years of life. The way I was going without knowing my own body was setting myself up for failure. Go see for your self it was a life changing experience."

- Brandon

"I just saw my mom for the first time since I started seeing Dr. Hargreaves, and she insists that I grew two inches!"

- Kathleen

"I used to think having good posture took a huge amount of effort, and I kind of just gave up. After seeing Dr. Hargreaves, I have found that good posture comes much easier as my back is no longer sore when I am sitting straight. It is also amazing how much better my neck feels, I can turn it much farther than I have ever been able to. I have noticed a reduced frequency in headaches as well as breathing and sleeping easier. Feeling better has given me confidence. Life Chiropractic is by far the best chiropractic clinic in Bellingham."

- Kathleen

"Life Chiropractic in Bellingham and Dr. Richard Hargreaves is changing my life. I've had back soreness and pain for 2 years and Dr. Hargreaves' brand of chiropractic care is not only treating the pain but fixing my back problems for the rest of my life. Utilizing physical training he is changing the way I use my body and reducing my susceptibility to injury and future health problems. I have a stronger body, better posture, more energy and less pain. He will encourage you and push you physically with his physical training but his enthusiasm and knowledge will make your experience with Dr. Hargreaves an immensely rewarding one. I would and have recommended this chiropractor to anyone."

- Emily

"If you are living with muscular-skeletal pain , not getting better and wondering if Chiropractic can help, I have learned that the answer is often YES with the right physician. For me, Dr. Richard Hargreaves was that physician. His expertise lifted me out of the injured state, then taught and inspired me to go further into functional health. With his experience in both Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, I walked the path to recover from a rather serious neck injury into a pain-free and effective athletic life. As far as I am interested in going with Dr. Hargreaves, he is there to emphatically take me. He is a healer that is willing to make the process exciting, something to look forward to and to learn from... and I cannot recommend his services enough 🙂"

- discomboboý

"I used to think having good posture took a huge amount of effort, and I kind of just gave up. After seeing Dr. Hargreaves, I have found that good posture comes much easier as my back is no long sore when I am sitting straight. It is also amazing how much better my neck feels, I can turn it much farther than I have ever been able to. I have noticed a reduced frequency in headaches as well as breathing and sleeping easier. Feeling better has given me confidence. Life Chiropractic is by far the best chiropractic clinic in Bellingham."

- Kathleen

"Life Chiropractic in Bellingham and Dr. Richard Hargreaves is changing my life. I've had back soreness and pain for 2 years and Dr. Hargreaves' brand of chiropractic care is not only treating the pain but fixing my back problems for the rest of my life. Utilizing physical training he is changing the way I use my body and reducing my susceptibility to injury and future health problems. I have a stronger body, better posture, more energy and less pain. He will encourage you and push you physically with his physical training but his enthusiasm and knowledge will make your experience with Dr. Hargreaves an immensely rewarding one. I would and have recommended this chiropractor to anyone."

- Emily



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